S running up and down and everybody know, Rappin’ Rockin’ Poppin’ in the street-kid-show. Miker “G” rocks the house and you know what, I’m the weekend

Hunter S. Thompson vs The Hells Angels (thanks, B):

Pretend to your parents that you’re a drug dealer.

Fast food truths (thanks, L).

Wrestling is fake (thanks, V):

Motherfucking website (thanks, C).

Slight misquotes on T-shirts (thanks, J).

Fuck overfishing (thanks, P):

Amazing Breaking Bad video (spoilers alert; thanks, T).

Very funny blog (thanks, W).

World’s most beautiful data viz.

Watch Kanye get his bottom handed to him (thanks, F).

Not very inspirational quotes (thanks, T).

Breaking Bad bloopers (not as good as the ones for The Cannonball Run).