Sainsbury’s Christmas

This is a really good one. I think it’s what Tesco’s wishes it was.

It smothers Tesco’s effort in brandy butter then sets light to it.

Great observations, and even though you know (I assume) that this was all shot in August, it feels really genuine (see ‘truth’ post below).

And it got me 94% of the way to a tear or two.

UPDATE: apparently it’s all genuine footage from last Christmas. That makes it even better.

ACTUALLY, SECOND UPDATE: the more I think about it, the more the ‘money shot’ (the returning soldier) bothers me. The other scenes are just gently funny reminders of the Christmas we all love and enjoy; THAT shot is a giant supermarket that makes hundreds of millions of pounds a year using the incredibly emotional moment of a soldier retuning safely to his family for the purpose of selling Jaffa Cakes/sprouts/cheap whisky. I don’t see what one has to do with the other and feel a bit like another giant corporation has cynically used a family’s emotion to make a bit more money.