Booze, or the lack thereof

New reaches me this week of two interesting new takes on the idea of getting people to drink less.

Coincidentally both come from AMV BBDO, where people are sober all the time and they don’t have a bar in the office (except for that one on the ground floor).

The first is the latest attempt to encourage people not to drive the morning after they drink.

Apparently they took the actor out for a lot of drinks and then got him to record the voice track.  Then they shot the same actor a couple of days later (sober) as he lip synched to his drunk self. No post production; just booze.  Dominic Savage directed.

So it’s nice to know that getting people drunk can lead to fewer people getting drunk.

Talking of fewer people getting drunk…

I assume that was also done in camera. Good to come at the same issue from the angle of humour.

Here’s hoping they both work.