Make life better for gay people

Some people (I think they’re at Mother) have come up with an interesting wheeze to raise money and awareness to help the fight against homophobia in Russia.

They’ve created some Russian dolls that involve well known homosexuals fitting inside each other (Fnarr! Fnarr!).

Bid on them and pass the message on.

By the way, I thought the world was becoming generally more tolerant and civilised. The Russian homophobia, along with the news that India has just criminalised homosexuality is fucking ridiculous. If consenting adults want to do non-harmful stuff to each other in the privacy of their own homes then what the hell is the problem?

Bible bashers seem oddly obsessed with homosexuality. Considering the Bible mentions it 7 times but the proper use of wealth 250 times it seems that we hear an entirely unbalanced rhetoric concerning the degree to which it is evil. Very understanding.

Fuck intolerance (ironically) up the arse.