Wild Rabbits

I was sent this rather nicely shot, NSFW ad the other day (thanks, S).

It’s a spoof of this campaign from Hennessy, which is a load of old poo.

Here’s what the director, Andrea J Colomb has to say about it:

I guess I’ve always wondered why no one has ever taken the piss out of ‘What’s Your Wild Rabbit?’. Asking for trouble… and why not poke fun at a 70 million dollar, pretentious ad campaign and a billion dollar corporation with my 5 dollar (and a lot of favours) film?

…or maybe I have a little dirty mind too (it’s the first thing I thought of when I first read the scripts all those years back (I worked on Johnny Green’s treatment for the Manny Pacquiao – why I’ve become attached to the films in the first place).
I suppose I am also trying to give a little hope to us all too.
Uh… consider hope received.
I think.