Life (nanananana). Life is life (nanananana). Labadab dab dab life (nanananana). Liiiiiiiife (nanananana). The weekend.

Stunning bird’s eye photography (thanks, V).

More good infographics than you can shake a stick at (thanks, R).

Amazing timelapse of LA (thanks, S):

Discarded drug baggies (thanks, J).

Simpsons early (good) writers chat about the show (thanks, B).

Lenny Bruce speaks at UCLA in 1966 (thanks, T):

This is typography, motherfuckers (thanks, B).

Nice little cartoon (thanks, L).

Watch the Batmobiles race (thanks, V):

Funniest tweets of 2013 (thanks, J).

Pornhub comments on stock photography (NSFW. Thanks, D).

Jerry Seinfeld Reddit (thanks, T).

Truth (thanks, P).

Have fun guessing who the statues represent at the world’s worst wax museum (thanks, J).

Fuck up your mind as you learn about time (thanks, T).