New Year’s resolutions

Welcome to 2014, a year in which Faye’s comet will reach perihelion and Russia will demonstrate its hatred of homosexuality by staging the calendar’s campest event: The Winter Olympics.

That aside, I know what you’re thinking: it’s been three/four/five days and I need a fucking drink right fucking now.

Either that or you’ve promised yourself this will be the year in which you achieve something significant or memorable outside of your expected daily tasks. Perhaps you intend to reduce the extent to which your abdominals resemble a hundredweight of uncooked bread dough, recreate the Bayeux Tapestry out of liquorice, or resign, go to work for Amnesty and actually make some sort of positive contribution to planet earth.

Whichever it is, you’ll need a little fillip, and that’s where the 157th most influential advertising blog in the world comes in.

Here’s a little video I watched the other day of a conversation between Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss, which not only contains absolutely all the essential tips, helpful websites and effectiveness strategies you need to write a book, but also many pieces of advice that can apply to any goal you might have taken on:

See you in 365 days with your tasks completed…