P&G pull out another nice one, but…

Here’s a follow-up to that moms-help-you-out-or-something ad for the 2012 Olympics:


It’s very well made, and the idea’s a good ‘un, but I really wanted to see this alternative angle:


Open on lots of shots of moms putting plasters on little kids who have been hit, and consoling others for being bullied.

This gets worse as the kids grow older until we see moms visiting older kids in hospital after they’ve been beaten up with baseball bats and knives. Or perhaps we see a mom finding her son hanging from his bedroom ceiling. Maybe there’s a mom identifying her son’s body after he’s been tortured to death or another after he’s been sodomised with beer bottles then set on fire.

Endline: We decided not to sponsor the Winter Olympics because Russia practices and preaches institutionalized state homophobia.

Fuck Russia.

Signed, P&G


Just a thought.

How about it, P&G?