But our love went overboard, lifeboat lies lost at sea, I’ve been trying to reach your shore, waves of doubt keep drowning the weekend

George Michael, Morrissey and Tony Blackburn going through the week’s culture (of May 1984) (thanks, V):

12-year-old boy writes insightful book on how to understand women (thanks, J).

19 penises to visit before you die (thanks, P).

Danny Dyer’s reflective Haikus (thanks, J):

Liked The Wolf Of Wall Street? Here’s Jordan Belfort’s success webinar (thanks, J):


Fucked up Japanese game show gifs (thanks, D).

All Jesse’s Yos, Yo (thanks, J):

Ultimate wake up pranks:


 More Pornhub comments on stock photos – this time with Valentines (NSFWish and thanks, T).

Creationists ask questions of non-creationists.

Ice T accidentally recorded a Dungeons and Dragons audiobook (thanks, S).

What’s it like getting a record contract? (Thanks, C.)

Han Solo’s incestuous realisation (thanks, P):