38 signs you’ve been in advertising too long

Here’s the link (thanks, D).

Only two of them apply to me (12 and 15), which makes me wonder if there might be others which are more accurate.

1. You’ve plugged your own work on Facebook.

2. You accept that posters are now called OOH.

3. You mentally critique the copy on tubecards.

4. At least three dogs regularly spend the day in your office.

5. On slow idea days your first port of call is Fffound.

6. You’ve spent more than ten minutes in your entire life thinking about what a brand might be.

7. You’ve stopped trying to start conversations about ads at dinner parties because you know no one cares.

8. You’ve seen lots of really amazing digital ideas (in award books).

9. You’ve gone through the three stages of scam ads (I’d do one to give myself a leg up/They disgust me/I don’t care anymore).

10. You’ve heard the word ‘ideate’ so many times it no longer makes you want stab people who say it.

Actually, maybe those are just 10 signs you work in advertising in 2014.

Any others?