Appy parking

Another excellent side project, this time from former BBH, DDB and RKCR/Y&R creative, Dan Hubert:
What have advertising and parking got in common? Well not a lot to be honest, except that I have decided to convert my skills of turning complicated client briefs into a single minded proposition and applying it to the confusing world of parking.
I realised that there was not one single destination or brand that people could turn to to gain peace of mind about parking before they set off on a journey. There are too many signs, too many websites and too many apps all showing different things. The answer to all this is AppyParking which launched in January this year.
It shows over 1,800 controlled parking zones in London which means you can discover if it’s OK to park on single yellow lines and even discover free parking areas in places you wouldn’t expect. If free isn’t an option then AppyParking shows every other possible parking alternative.  You can book car park spaces (coming soon) and even book a place on people’s driveways. AppyParking is also connected to the council’s parking systems so you can find all the paid meter bays, disabled, motorbike and electric charging bays, as well a showing petrol stations and prices. 
Damn, I wish I’d had that idea (and the gumption to make it happen).
Best of luck, Dan
(Apologies for the shit WordPress type formatting.)