Children behave… That’s what they say when we’re together. And watch how you play…. They don’t understand. And so we’re the weekend.

Wonderful Dickens Cider advertising (thanks, D):

Famous movie sand sculptures.

Murderers’ last words (thanks, J).

Hidden London (thanks, J).

The Ramones on Regis and Kathy Lee (thanks, V):

Bad decisions.

50 Cent dubbed over a Jehovah’s Witness trying to get deaf people to stop masturbating (thanks, D).

Not quite sure how to describe this, but it’s cool (thanks, D):

Behind the scenes when Cuba Gooding Jnr. won his Oscar:

Vom-tastic! How hot dogs are made (thanks, N):

One of those maps that gives you an idea of the scale of space.

Everyone should have a favourite Lamborghini. This is mine:

Game of Thrones, 1995-style:

And, of course, a masturbating Cheeto (thanks, T).