Here I am, and within the reach of my hand she’s sound asleep and she’s sweeter now than the wildest dream could have seen her, and I watch the weekend

Mail Online headlines replaced with user comments (thanks, L).


Dreamworks SFX guy turns son into superhero (thanks, B).

Drunk guy has trouble climbing hill (thanks, D):

Great art project: If celebs were normal… (thanks, A).

Embroidery advice or surrealist nightmare (scroll down. Thanks, T).

Amazing shots of the world from above (thanks, J).

Happy Christmas from DMX:

Samuel L. Jackson performs slam poetry about Boy Meets World (thanks, J):

Honest trailer GoT:

Lion King cast entertains plane load of quite grumpy people:

The brilliant Johnnie Burn on his sound work for Under The Skin.

Could you do a really good short animated film with just push pins and elastic bands? WELL COULD YOU???!!! Yes (thanks, T):

Bangkok’s ‘Mexican’ gangsters: