My love, tell me what it’s all about. You’ve go something that I can’t live without. Happiness is so hard to find. Hey baby, tell me what is the weekend.

Really compelling and impressive drawing of a city (thanks, D):

And, as a companion piece, the growth of LA:

The alphabet sandwich (thanks, J).

Profanity in rap, analysed (thanks, A).

Under Pressure, just the vocals (thanks, T):

Strangely satisfying footage of a man painting a road sign (thanks, J):

Behind the scenes of 2001 (thanks, R).

101 kick-ass music magazine covers (thanks, M).

And more great magazine covers (thanks, V).

Excellent film reviews (thanks, T).

The technical reasons behind the success of Get Lucky (thanks, T).

Great infographic (thanks, D).

The strangely compelling Jeans and Sheux (thanks, C).

Supercut full of spoilers (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED):

Awful haircuts (thanks, J):

33 amazing places to visit.

Have hours of surreal fun with Baseball Card Vandals (thanks, J).

The brilliant rear sides of famous album covers (thanks, M).

How a Michael Jackson CD is made: