Nike’s actual world cup ad

It feels to me like a poor relation to Write The Future, chucking everything but the kitchen sink at a very slight idea.

And 4 minutes? Nothing new happens after the pitch turns into a stadium. It’s just the usual stepovers and tackles we’ve seen in every Nike ad since Good Versus Evil.

‘What do we do now?’

‘Chuck the Hulk in.’


‘Come on, there’s nowhere else for this to go and we need to fill 250 seconds.’

‘Oh. OK.’

I’m sure 12-year-olds will love it.

UPDATE: I think it’s worth saying that since Good vs Evil Nike (along with every sports brand on earth, along with several other brands) has been doing to death the ‘interesting variation on a football game’ plot. Pepsi had football with sumo wrestlers, Adidas had football with normal people picked by footballers, Nike had football with video game characters and on and on and on…

That’s why I liked Write the Future so much: it wasn’t just a game of football; it was a strong idea around a game of football.

This new ad is very dull and lacks any imagination whatsoever.