Sending a script to Gondry? He already thinks it’s shit.

Here’s an interview with Michel Gondry.

And here’s the first question and answer:

Mr. Gondry, why are you still doing commercials?

I do as few commercials as possible, maybe one or two per year because it allows me to do the movies that I want to do. I confess I am not proud of doing commercials. If tomorrow I could make a decision that would make the commercials disappear altogether, I would make this decision even if it means I would gain much less money. But since those commercials are getting made anyways, I am taking the opportunities. It’s true, I am not proud of that and it’s a good point you are underlining. I hope my movies will be more successful and then I won’t have to do commercials anymore.

So does that matter? Are people good at things they’re embarrassed by?

Having said that, it’s been a long time since Michel Gondry made a great commercial (here’s his most recent one):

…and I have no idea if he felt the same way when his commercial work was better:

Has he grown to hate ads? Has his disdain coincided with the vague success of his film career (ESOTSM was amazing; the rest not so much)? How will people feel when he deigns to assign his lofty genius to their shitty commercials?

And does that interview make him sound like a bit of a bell?