Creative side project number 6,753

Balazs writes:
Hi Ben,
I know you sometimes write about ad people with non-ad projects.
While calling my digital ass as being in advertising is a stretch, I have just launched a cool project.

I helped create Picamatch, a photo challenge-and-match game for the iPhone.


In Picamatch, players take pictures to challenge other users from all around the world in a game of snap and match. Matches can be made in several categories, so you can play taking similar or opposite images, matching colours or finding clever and creative associations.

I think it has great potential to be a game for both inspiration and creative fun for iPhoneographers which is why I’d be happy if you tried it and let me know your thoughts and comments, and maybe wrote about it on ITIABTWC.

Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.
Let’s see shall we?