I spend my nights down on the wharf in unlit alleyways, by the church downtown where Sally prays. Come down sometime We’ll share a rusty weekend.

Dolly Parton’s Jolene sounds much better when slowed to 33 rpm (thanks, M).

Terrible estate agent photos (thanks, J).

Billy Wilder on movie writing:

All the F-words in WOWS (thanks, A):

Shop name puns (thanks, T).

Prison sex threat supercut:

Great recap of Breaking Bad (spoilers etc. Thanks, J):

Gay people like to ‘eat the poo poo’, apparently (thanks, J):

The most boring ad ever made? (Thanks, S):

There isn’t an app for that (thanks, D).

Billy Wilder’s screenwriting tips (thanks, T).

Louis CK talks about dicks supercut (thanks, J):