Monday was the worst day, and Friday wasn’t my day, but Wednesday was the best day because on Wednesday night we made the weekend.

The GoT cast in the 21st Century (thanks, M).

How to win at Rock, Paper, Scissors (thanks, J).

James Joyce reading from Finnegan’s Wake (thanks, V):

Ker-azee planets.

Obama being funny (thanks, D):

Who has the widest vocab in hip-hop? (Thanks, J.)

The crazy shit people search Google for (thanks, J).

The most ironic photos of all time (thanks, J).

Shakespeare movies improved by Danny Dyer (thanks, D).

Tree rings sound fucking cool:

Urinal fail:

Amazing shot of film vs greenscreen (thanks, J).

Babies with eyebrows is too much awesome (thanks, S).

The world’s most terrifying penises: the echidna (thanks, J):