You were fifteen I was twelve, it was summer we were so in love*. I never loved anyone this much, look at the weekend.

Coldplay are awful:

Funny/unfortunate photos (thanks, P).

Spurious correlations (thanks, J).

Gordon Willis, cinematographer of The Godfather, died this week.

Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ done in a way I can’t be arsed to describe but is really good (thanks, W).

Danny Dyer tweets as motivational quotes.

Neanderthal voice thing that is funny:

Brilliant animation (thanks, S):

All the great commencement speeches, from Kermit to JFK, all in one handy place (thanks, S).

Hunter S. Thompson on finding your purpose (thanks, W).

Rap T-shirts for white people (thanks, A).

The world’s best lavs (thanks, G).

Guy surprises his dad many times (thanks, J):

*In retrospect, the lyrics of this massive number one single are somewhat creepy.