Side project time

Hey Ben,

 One day we had an idea for a client and they didn’t really go for it. So we did it ourselves and made a business out of it. It just went live today – below is a nutshell.

 HAIRCVT is a new service to help you make inspired choices with your hair: and then find the perfect stylist to cut it for you.

 HAIRCVT salons and barbers are a handpicked selection of the best in London – spread across the city and across different budgets.

 Each of their stylists or barbers has a portfolio of real work, and each hairstyle is smartly categorised. So it’s super easy for you to explore and find what you want – and then book the stylist to make it happen.

 If you think it’s cool, maybe you’d be kind enough to post something on your blog so people will read about it. If not, no sweat.

 Adam and Tarik (we were planners, last seen at Saatchi & Saatchi and M&C Saatchi)


Well, Adam and Tarik, I do indeed think it’s ‘cool’ (as the kids say).