World Cup Side Project

Another Ben writes:

Hi Ben,

Hope you’re well.

I know you get sent a million of these (I really don’t, by the way; I pretty much stick up every one I get sent), but here’s another side project that I’d love for you to post on your blog if you could. It’s World Cup related, and even my mum likes footy during the World Cup. The details and press release are below.

Thanks in advance,


Just so you know, I added all the capital letters in after Ben left them out.

Anyway, I would copy and paste the whole press release but for some reason it really fucks with the type on the blog, so here’s a slightly truncated version of the explanation:

The World Cup starts this June, and If you’re as clueless about it as the rest of America you might need a bit of help.

Introducing the Football-To-Football translator, a Google Chrome extension that translates the ‘sissy’ (their word) international World Cup lingo of any web page into real, red-blooded NFL terminology.

Eg: The World Cup translates to Basically the Super Bowl of soccer.

And Sepp Blatter translates to He’s kind of like the Roger Goodell of world soccer. But instead of controversially wanting to host the Super Bowl in a cold weather outdoor stadium, he wants to have it in the deserts of Qatar.

Sound like fun.

Install and enjoy!