I suppose we’d better discuss this


Juan Cabral directs an Ikea ad for Mother.

It’s like the advertising industry of 2005 decided to create a fantasy team to produce the finest ad of all time.

But, y’know, it’s 2014, so can those stalwarts of awardification still cut the mustard?

Well, for what it’s worth I think they’ve run a Stanley knife through the Colman’s like a proverbial motherfucker.

It’s one of those event ads I was brought up to believe we should aspire to.

It’ll stand out like dogs’ bollocks, intrigue, delight and satisfy.

OK, it’s not quite a Surfer, Drugstore, Grrr or Balls – it lacks a touch of relevance in closing the circle of the idea, but that’s a tiny quibble for a bloody good ad.

Hats off.