When we all give the power, we all give the best. Every minute of an hour don’t think about a rest. Then you all get the power you all get the best. When everyone gives everything and the weekend.

Great behind-the-scenes movie shots (thanks, J).

What is cool?

Mind-boggling gifs (thanks, W).

Computer games tatts (thanks, S).

Random annoyed footballers (thanks, J).

Ed Miliband on Tinder (thanks, J).

Text fun (thanks, T).

How Seinfeld was written (thanks, J).

Celebrities without tattoos, now with lots of tattoos (thanks, A).

Hitler practicing dramatic poses (thanks, J).

How Rowling plotted Potter (thanks, J).

Food in disguise (thanks, D).

The real Right Stuff (thanks, S):

Dance as it should be (thanks, C):

Nice Coco De Mer student ad (thanks, J):