Are you a web developer who wants to do some good?


My friend Sarah is creating an academy for young people:


The What If Academy is committed to every young person on the planet living a life that honours their talents and skills while making a positive contribution to other people.

The initial three-day training course allows young people to explore their way of thinking and acting in life – rather than reacting to it. It maximises their understanding of how to get what they want while positively impacting their communities and the people and things they care about. It teaches them to be powerful yet humble and trains them in how to be inspirational humanitarian leaders, whatever their personal views and interests. It’s based in the UK, but the plan is to expand it to reach young people all over the world!

Once the three-day course is finished, they become What If Academy graduates and get access to weekly seminars. These seminars take place at City Hall for two hours one evening a week. The seminars are ongoing and all young people who have attended the What If Academy’s three-day training course can come.

We need to make sure that this opportunity, which will be free to all young people, has a web presence. If a web developer out there is interested in helping us, by donating their time to get an online presence that is engaging, relevant and would appeal to the most vulnerable young people out there (as well as appealing to potential funders!) please let us know!

Contact: 07866515522


Sounds good to me. Obv I can’t ‘develop webs’ to save my life, but if you can help do get in touch. (BTW, Sarah is a very brilliant and inspiring person, so you’ll probably get more out of all this than just an opportunity to help young people realise their potential – although that should be a darn cool payback anyway.)