Hey Joe, I got the news tonight well, should I laugh or should I cry or should I stay and fight? It’s the weekend.

Bogie and Bacall show Edward R. Murrow round their home.

Russian wedding photos (thanks, J).

And some depressing home offices (thanks again, J).

Mesmeric stupidity (thanks, T).

Great site (thanks, T).

Outtakes from Abbey Road cover shoot (thanks, J).

Doc on the Despecialised Edition of Star Wars:

Scorsese’s 39 foreign language films to see before you die:

That looks like a dick (thanks, D).

25th anniversary of Do The Right Thing (thanks, A):


Charles and Ray Eames debut their lounge chair:

Hey Now Hank Kingsley’s Larry Sanders stories.

How music formats changed over the last 30 years (thanks, M).

Some very good writing in this very funny Botham pisstake (thanks, M).

Ten films that can teach you everything you need to know about cinematography.

Magician ‘sells’ cop weed (although I think this is set up; thanks, J):