I loved you then as I love you still, Though I put you on a pedestal, they put you on the pill. I don’t feel bad about letting you go, I just feel sad about the weekend.

Slug solos (thanks, W).

You’ll be stunned to discover that all Marvel films are basically the same.

Man takes shrooms at ComicCon; hilarity ensues (thanks, T).

What’s it look like to get attacked by a Great White? (Thanks, J.)

Derelict London (thanks, V).

Social media Fails.

Colouring/coloring book for grown ups (thanks, J).

Hang abstract art the right way up (thanks, J).

Excellent Tarantino interview (thanks, J).

Jack Lemmon on writing/Mamet/Glengarry.

Photos of really quite brilliant things.

Runners who’ve made dicks and Space Invaders on Nike+.

Drunk Russian Streetfighter:

New York’s secret underground world:


Every Samuel L. Jackson ‘Motherfucker’:

Great little animation (thanks, J):