Glazer + Canon


Looks great.

Otherwise, not sure.

So there’s something pretty cool and photogenic that happens in Florence that you might not be aware of. If you like to see interesting things and photograph them, pop over to this gladiator football thing and snap away.


I just don’t quite feel the thrill that would get me booking a plane to Florence or buying a Canon camera (can I be the annoying wanker who asks why I can’t record this event on a Nikon or an iPhone?). I understand that immediate purchase is probably an ask too far, but it’s that thrill – the visceral, tangible, shareable excitement – that I’m not getting here.

Maybe it’s the music. I don’t think The Flight of the Bumblebee Sabre Dance elevates what I’m seeing. I guess it needed a lighthearted counterpoint to all the brutal violence, but I wonder if it made it too thin. I wonder what would have happened if a more stirring piece (like the track from Guinness Surfer for a lazy example) had been laid beneath something that really got me going. The visual material is there, it’s just that tonally it’s a bit like the next Sony ‘Colour Like No Other’ ad (with a more subdued grade).