Another side project from the excellent Oli Kellett:


Hi Ben, 

Not sure if you remember a chat called Martin McAllister? Same year at St Martins.. Worked at TBWA while I was there..
Four years ago, we were drinking in the Carpenters Arms outside TBWA, talking about places we knew which sounded amazing but were actually a bit crap looking.. We decided to turn it into a project..
4 years later… a few thousand miles travelled and is finished..
Briefly.. I travelled to places in England called Paradise… and turns out paradise isn’t it all it’s cracked up to be.
I took all the images, 30 or so in totoal (see below) and Martin coded the pretty slick little website.
Anyway.. Be great if you could post it as a side project feature. No worries if not!
Looks like I chose the former option.