He came to town like a midwinter storm, he rode through the fields so handsome and strong, his eyes was his tools and his smile was his gun but all he had come for was the weekend.

Interview with Gone Girl author Gilliam Flynn about her adaptation (thanks, J).

David Fincher’s music videos, ranked (OMG! He did Shattered Dreams by Johnny Hates Jazz!).

And DF on his movie music.

Accidental cool art (thanks, J).

Worst selfies (thanks, J):

The world’s most intriguing lists (thanks, E).

Images that look as if they’ve been photoshopped.

I’m Roy Keane, shove it up your bollocks!

Unbelievable free film school.

25 years of Simpsons couch gags at once.

Guy surprises girlfriend with LOTR quotes more often than she would like:

Hilarious bad performance of Bang Bang: