Side project/worthy cause/funny situation/fuck cancer

A message reaches me from my friend John Allison, erstwhile ECD of the famed 4Creative advertising agency:

We’ve been stitched up by Ben&Ken. Our placement team. We asked them for fundraising ideas. They came up with this: send me and Chris back on placement.

So we’re pimping/raffling ourselves out for hire/humiliation. It’s £150 a ticket. The price of a placement team. We want to sell 100 tickets and raise as much as we can for Cancer Research.

We’ll work, make tea, write small space ads, answer the phones, whatever you want.

If you’re a boss buy some tickets and exploit us. If you’re not send this to your boss and get them to buy as many tickets as they can afford.

More info here.



Cheap at twice, or even thrice the price. AND you get to help fuck cancer.

Is there a better deal available in all of cyberspace?

(I’d get them to orally pleasure a trout.)