All the love inside me has been slee-eeping, waiting till the right one came alo-ong. You can share the love that I’ve been keeping, baby You can put the music to the weekend.

Robo Tinder finger (thanks, J):

Sony’s crappy powerpoint sucks worse than their shitty movies.

And if you haven’t read this ‘How the Steve Jobs movie died’ email trail, you have yet to truly live.

The Internet, as seen in 1995 (thanks, L).

This Jimmy Fallon laughing and clapping compilation gets quite surreal (thanks, T):

Award-winning fake typing (thanks, J):

1940s Chicago through Kubrick’s lens.

It’s an amazing oral history of Boogie Nights (settle down at the back!).

The making of Purple Rain (thanks, J).

Career Q&A with Al Pacino:

Muppets as women of colour.

And US shows that surprisingly started in the UK (thanks, W).

Perfect trailer for what I assume will be a fairly perfect movie (thanks, J):

So wonderful: Stars In Their Eyes Christmas Special 1992 (thanks, J):

The 20 most expensive photos of all time.

How utterly wonderful is Pes? (Thanks, D):