Super Bowl 2015

I now live in a country where people actually say ‘Happy Super Bowl Day’ to each other as a greeting.

I love that, and wish people in England would say ‘Happy FA Cup Final Day’ to each other on the appropriate date.

I also live in a country where the ads that run during this game are heavily scrutinised by all sorts of people who should probably have something better to do with their time.

Anyway,  I thought I’d post a few ‘spots’ (we say that over here as well) that caught my eye for various reasons.

First up is a massive, throbbing turd. Mercedes have created a strange story where both of the main characters are massive bells. That ain’t easy. What’s even harder is getting lots of people (CDs, clients, directors etc.) to keep that vision consistent all the way up to its $9m media spend:


By contrast this one is excellent: a great idea that seems to have far stronger legs than I expected, married to a great execution with a fine, expensive twist:

Here’s a lovely bit of perceptive piss-taking (marks off for feeling strangely dated, as in it feels like it’s making a point from the first dot com boom):

This one seemed to light up Twitter with utter revulsion. I think it’s an interesting idea, but its depressing tone was entirely out of place for the occasion, and the message seems to be, ‘If your kid dies in an accident – something that’s quite common – we’ll give you some cash. Hope that takes the sting out of things’. No, not really. Odd that the people involved thought it would go down well:

Finally, if you’d like to spew rich, pungent vomit through your nose and mouth for the next three hours, watch this: