Side project!

Someone who did a brilliant thing for me in 2011 writes:


It’s Hayden, the guy who worked on the Water Water Everywhere iPhone app for you (quite a few years ago now I think).

I wanted to see if I could take advantage of the side projects posts that you sometimes run.

While, strictly speaking I don’t work in the ad industry, I’ve been working on what’s essentially a side project for the guys from an advertising agency out of my home town Melbourne.

Actually, the story goes like this. Josh Schooling, who’s 15 years old, came up with an idea for a mobile game. Then, in what could win him father of the year, his dad put together a team of people who work for him or have worked for him to get the game made.

Today, Spring Cat has been launched for iOS and Android. It’s an endless runner mobile game for iOS made by people who work for Bravo Tango Bravo Advertising in Melbourne or are freelancers who do work for BTB.

So, check out the game, it’s been great fun making it and I honestly thing that it’s great fun playing it as well.


Thanks, Hayden!

Good luck with that.