Like a prisoner who has his own key, but I can’t escape until you love me. I just go from day to day knowing all about the weekend

What if ‘Don’t You Want Me’ by The Human League was just the line about working as a waitress in a cocktail bar? Well, you’d end up with something surprisingly wonderful (thanks, T):

Mark Hamill: best autograph signer of all time (thanks, T).

Houses that look like Game Of Thrones characters (thanks, A).

National Geographic photos of the Year (thanks, L).

Let’s mash up the XX and Biggie Smalls (more here; thanks, G):

Kim Kardashian’s face as a roamable mountain range (thanks, J).

Another great musicless music video:

John Malkovich recreates famous portraits (thanks, A).

And then a lady recreates model shots with herself (thanks, G).

Football’s bad boys recreated with kids (thanks, T).