And now you ask to use my car; drive it all day and don’t fill up the tank. And you have the audacity to even come and step to me, ask to hold some money from me until you get your check next weekend.

Ibiza classics played by an orchestra in the Royal Albert Hall (thanks, S):

The dark beauty of film noir in 50 shots (thanks, T).

Dyer dubs Double-0-7 (thanks, T).

Huge basketball shorts (watch till the end; thanks, J):

Breaking Bad x Pulp Fiction (thanks, D):

Excellent David Lynch article (thanks, J2).

Chinatown (best movie ever) at 40, an oral history with Nicholson, Towne, Evans, Polanski etc. (thanks, G).

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the animated book review (thanks, G):

Correcting the swordplay of The Empire Strikes Back (thanks, G).

Staying with Star Wars, isn’t about time you got one of these? (Thanks, T):