Swept New York a glancing kiss to those who claim they know. To know the shrieks the seaman hears the devil is in the weekend.

Jeff Bridges interviews Roger Deakins (thanks, J).

Classic Viz letterbocks (thanks, G).

Ten masters of the art form discuss filmmaking. Includes this comencement speech from John Lasseter:

Have you ever taken the Myers briggs test? Apparently it’s bullshit.

The 5-hour version of Apocalypse Now, anyone?

Tarantino interviewed by Brett Easton Ellis.

Some of these 53 things that thrill British people are rather nice (thanks, T).

And some very funny British tweets (thanks, D).

Little Spermaid? 21 Hump Street? Porn versions of proper movies.

Wildlife photographer of the year.

How to cut a cake properly (thanks, L):

Somewhat related: the scientific way to find Wally/Waldo (thanks, J).

Stunning collection of Pantone, 271 years before Pantone (thanks, D).

Slapdash supercars (thanks, J).

Bach’s Prelude Number One played with boomwhackers (thanks, G):

‘You’re a bagel, a French bagel!” (Thanks, G):

And some brilliant shit tattoos (thanks, G).

Beautiful horror film posters (thanks, J).