The Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad

I found it quite charming and well made. It’s a little sugary, but with enough wanton destruction to temper the fromage-y ending.

I rather like Mog. We read her books round my way. There was one where Mog pissed on an armchair then ran away. She does seem to be something of a liability.

But who cares what I think? Here are some comments from YouTube people to shape our opinions:

mog needs to get its shit together
It’s the second week of November. Calm the fuck down.
Can cats even eat egg?
ffs mog not again u cheeky prick
Ffs Mog, every Christmas you do this m8 you cheeky cunt
In reality the family probably would of ended up eating Mog.
Fucking hell Mog, you stupid prick. You almost fucked christmas up. What a bellend
Mpg is a fucking ugly name fuck sainsburys
It’s a good thing no-one is named ‘Mpg’ in the video then.
This is so silly, only inbred people who live on a tiny island could have come up with it.
This is fucking stupid it’s fucking November you fucking cunts
You are here commenting on the video. So, who’s the cunt?
Fuck off Mog, no one loved you in the first place you fluffy cunt
For fucks sake Mog, you can’t even eat egg you little cunt
9/11 would burn down house after reincarnation as cat again