Remember ‘Remember Those Great Volkswagen Ads?’?

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The utterly wonderful and excellent book on old VW ads is back,       bigger, better and more complete.

I'll let one of its authors, the great Alfredo Marcantonio, take up the story of the new edition:

This edition has a new MADMEN inspired cover and it’s a third bigger than the earlier versions, with 100 new ads and importantly for people in your part of the States a new section on DDB’s LA posters. It is the first and only record of this work.


The ads live on in old magazines and newspapers, the commercials exist as films, on tape and digitally but the posters went up and came down without leaving a trace.


A few years ago when I was in LA on a shoot, I was lucky enough to track down the son of Si Lam the Creative Director of DDB’s west coast office back in the day. Fortunately, his dad took pictures of each of the posters while they were up and thanks to digital retouching we have been able to create copies.


I had lost much of my original collection when my cellar flooded. Took 18 months to buy them all again on the internet… and I found a bunch of new ones too. 


There are more details on the website 


Hope you enjoy the book…



I did indeed, and continue to do so. 
If you'd like a copy, it's available all over the world, and would make a fine gift for any ad nerd, VW nut or person with exquisite  taste.