Hi there,

My friend and former colleague Tom Hares is starting a company called Buzzbikes.

Basically, it puts ads on bikes that are then seen around town as they are ridden and parked.

The riders get a free bike made by Mini Cooper, in exchange for which they have to make sure the bike is out and about a certain number of days each month.

It’s already backed by some very smart people, and you too can invest here from as little £10.

And you can find out more/apply for a bike here.

Tom is a top bloke, and the idea does seem like one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ ones, so do have a look (full disclosure: I’ve looked very hard into investing but I’d have to pay tax on any profits in both the US and UK, so it doesn’t work for me, but if I were based in the UK I would definitely give it a go).



PS: Hegs is a fan…