That new Spike Jonze perfume ad

Anonymous writes:

Hi Ben,

I was just wondering what you thought of this ad directed by Spike Jonze 

Sorry it’s completely unrelated to your post, I was just wondering what your thoughts were on perfume advertising, it seems a different world to the work most agencies do. They either seen completely random or metaphors. I don’t quite understand how an agency presents a perfume ad back to their client.

Thanks, Anonymous.

I think it’s delightful, but I get your point. When I showed it to my kids yesterday they asked what it was for and when I told them they thought it was bullshit. Then again, most perfume ads are ‘bullshit’: you can’t convey the scent so you just have to convey some sort of vibe that will make it seem cool or at least worth trying next time you’re in Selfridges or an airport. Clearly this spot, which is currently clogging up all my social media feeds, is doing a great job of that. Who knew or cared about Kenzo two days ago? Nobody. And now? All of us. Will I buy some? Nah, but this might be the opening move in a situation where I grow to like the brand enough to buy into it. Or maybe not. Either way, it’s a big step in the right direction.

Also, most ads these days are metaphors, so no problem there.