If This Is a podcast then what’s christmas episode 1 – dave Dye

Today is a momentous day for the blog:

I have ventured into the world of podcasts.

(I’ll wait a second while you catch your breath, call your local newspaper and shout this incredible news from your rooftop.)

As a keen listener of podcasts (favourites include Arseblog, WTF, Answer Me This, RHLSTP, Guardian Football, Tim Ferriss, Nerdist, Football Ramble etc.) I thought it’d be cool if people who enjoy this blog could listen to interviews with the great and the good of advertising. In addition it would give me a chance to freshen up the blog a bit and get out of my comfort zone.

I may not have everything 100% in place just yet (the blog seems unwilling to load the file size up to podcast land (iTunes etc.), but I will make this work ASAP. So I have a Soundcloud file, which is recorded from a Skype interview. It sounds OK, but I think there’s room for improvement.

Anyway, episode 1 is a chat with Dave Dye, one of the best art directors in the history of British advertising.

I intended to spend an hour going through his career. However, I soon discovered that this was a little optimistic – we managed to get through his first 8-9 years, ending just as he joined Leagas Delaney. Then we chatted about the pros and (mainly) cons of digital advertising. I’ll do a part two (and possibly three/four/five) at some point in the future.

Just so you know, I spend a few minutes setting up the intention of the podcast series, then it’s an uninterrupted hour of chat.

There are loads of great stories and lessons, so I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to give me any feedback, such as tips on how to get it properly on iTunes, suggestions for other interviews, ways of improving the sound quality on an intercontinental Skype chat, and anything else that pops into your mind.

Many thanks for taking the time to listen…

Here is the iTunes link and the Soundcloud link.

UPDATE: Here’s some of the work we discussed:







If This Is A Blog Then What's Christmas?
If This Is A Blog Then What's Christmas?
If This Is a podcast then what's christmas episode 1 – dave Dye