ITIAPTWC Episode 4 – Mark Denton


This week’s podcast is a chat with my good friend, Mr Mark Denton Esq.

He’s been (or still is) an art director, creative director, designer, director, owner of an agency, owner of a design company, owner of a couple of production companies, wrestling promoter, public speaker, President of the Creative Circle and a whole bunch of other stuff.

But really, he’s a creative – in every sense of the word. He designs his clothes, his home, magazines, books, his moustache and anything else in his life. And so many incredibly talented and successful people owe him their start that his industry footprint is like that of a Giganotosaurus.

So we could only scratch the surface. But at least that meant we could cover…

Art direction vs idea.

The merits of expensive, puerile visuals.

The significance of warm reds and cold blues.

The benefits of seeing a clairvoyant.

Becoming your own personal brand.

Why most people prefer unsubtle to subtle.

Why humour is often the difference between art direction and design.

How being ‘bloody awkward’ can help and hinder your career.

Why older people should surround themselves with younger people.

What creatives want from directors.

The pros and cons of treatments.

Why it’s OK for directors to ignore your ideas (if they’re geniuses).

Why a great account person is essential.

And why now is the best of times and the worst of times.

I hope you enjoy it. We’ll probably go a little deeper in a future chat…

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ITIAPTWC Episode 4 – Mark Denton

Here’s some of the work we discussed, and some other great stuff, including a small plug for the privates (sic) view of his exhibition: