ITIAPTWC Episode 5 – Jeff Labbe

Hi there,

For episode five I’ve left the UK to chat to a goshdarn, rootin’ tootin’ American.

Jeff Labbe actually started as a fine artist, hay deliveryman and rodeo rider. From there he became a graphic designer and sort of fell into a job at one of the best agencies in the world, working on Nike at W&K Portland. After that he ended up doing even better work at Chiat/Day in San Francisco, joining Leo Burnett Chicago for a short spell, and finally becoming a highly-awarded director.


During our chat we discuss…

How to get a job from a guy by telling him his business cards are shit.

How Jeff became a bullrider then nearly died, but not from riding bulls.

The best way to negotiate a salary increase with Dan Wieden.

What it was like to work on Nike at W&K Portland in its prime.

Why you should sometime paper your walls with old ads, work 20-hour days and go two years without a holiday.

How your home movies can almost become a Superbowl ad.

Why being a stallion is better than being a quarter horse.

How to create a catchphrase that lasts 17 years (and counting).

How proactivity can beat briefs.

How you can still get a lot out of a job that’s not right for you.

Which Def Leppard song to dance to if you want to meet your wife.

Whether or not you should have a directing style.

The pros and cons of treatments.

How advertising has become more dynamic.

And why he’s committed to the UK.

So check out the Soundcloud link, subscribe on iTunes (If This Is A Blog Then What’s Christmas) or click on this link and enjoy:

ITIAPTWC Episode 5 – Jeff Labbe

Here’s the early footage Jeff filmed at home before taking it to Dan Weiden years later and having him suggest it as Nike’s Superbowl spot:

That first spot that became a Superbowl spot:

Chicks Dig The Long Ball:

Nike Beautiful:

Spike Jonze/Levi’s:

Levi’s Badger:

Levi’s Crazylegs:

Beware Of Things Made In October:

Another ‘Beware’:

Nintendo ‘School’s Out’:

Jeff’s Levi’s ad, which I would describe as ‘cool’:

Barnado’s Break The Cycle:

KFC Rodeo: