ITIAPTWC Episode 6 – Paul Burke

Hi there,

The other day I had the pleasure of chatting to Paul Burke, the King of Radio© who is also many other things, all of which can be found on his excellent website.


He started in despatch at AMV via an awkward chat with David Abbott.

From there he embarked on an advertising career that… Hang on, I’m pre-empting this fascinating podcast.

For the ‘King of Radio’ he’s also been very good at TV (this contains one of my favourite lines: ‘Take over for a Bough will you moment?’):

He’s also written four novels, but we’re going to chat about that in a future podcast.

Just have a listen and you’ll find out about the following:

How Despatch can be better than the Creative Department (excellent article from Paul about that time here).

The real difference between creating radio and TV.

The consequences of advertising agencies failing to reward loyalty.

The pros and cons of working with John Webster.

What Frank Budgen was like as a CD.

How boredom can help you to keep your job.

Why happiness is gratitude.

Why radio is brilliant, and still very much alive.

Why radio ads are all about characters.

How to get a really good performance from an actor.

Two weird tips for making great radio (how’s that for clickbait?).

How to cast celebs.

Whether or not creatives are better than they used to be.

How to get past writer’s block and what it can teach you about life.

Why, as David Abbott said, there’s no output without input.

Here’s the chat, the Soundcloud link and a reminder that you can subscribe on iTunes (search ‘If This Is A Blog Then What’s Christmas’). I’d also like to offer a small apology in advance for a couple of small technical hitches. It’s 98% perfect, but I’m just going to cop to the other 2% now…