ITIAPTWC Episode 15 – Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle is a fucking great copywriter and a delightful and very funny chap.

Listen to my chat with him and hear about the following…

If you really want to be a great copywriter, start by making parts for Ford.

Learn from the best in America.

ANOTHER story about a sobering first week at Leagas Delaney.

You’re supposed to care (but you can fake it).

There’s always another idea.


Brevity isn’t always the key to a good headline.

Pouring a glass of water into your art director’s lap in a massive meeting can be the right thing to do.

Writing’s better than talking.

How to crack a brief in a minute.

Gary Larson cartoons are like ads.

Stand up comedy can be better than advertising. Sometimes.

End a potential start-up by quoting Goodfellas.

Speed and client pressures can, oddly, have a negative effect on the work.

If you want/need Sean, here’s his site.

And here’s the chat, the Soundcloud link and the iTunes link. It’s another two parter, so sorry about that. I asked my IT dept (Andy) to increase the file size capability, but this one might be too long even for that. Anyway, I think Dave Dye is interviewing him soon, so anything I miss will be covered by him.

ITIAPTWC Episode 15 part 1 – Sean Doyle

ITIAPTWC Episode 15 part 2 – Sean Doyle

And here’s lots of his best work:

Sock Tea