ITIAPTWC Episode 24 – James Studholme

James is ITIAPTWC’s first owner/founder of a production company.

Fortunately a robust case could be made that he’s the best around.

Blink was British Arrows Production Company of the Year in 2015, having already received the title at both 2014 Creative Circles and the Shots Awards in 2014 and 2015, as well as by Campaign in 2012.

And that’s about thirty years after Blink was formed.

He’s discovered and/or nurtured some great directors, including Dougal Wilson, Ivan Zacharias, Mark Denton, Blue Source, Doug Foster and many more.

And he’s kept his company fresh, but always of the highest quality.

We discuss…

Starting in music videos.

Getting fired for ‘indifference’.

Challenging fun with Tony Kaye and other provocative directors.

Making progress through animation.

Moving to live action.

Winning awards.

What James looks for in a creative who wants to become a director.

What happens when a script arrives at a production company,

What makes a director want to do a script.

Squad age.

The importance of diversification.

What it’s like having the best director in town.

How less money has affected commercial production.

The pros and cons of being Production Company of the Year.

Here’s our chat, the iTunes link and the Soundcloud link:

And here’s Blink’s website, along with a somewhat random selection of some of its best commercials (here’s a link to the great Terrence Higgins Trust ad that put Blink on the award map):

If This Is A Blog Then What's Christmas?
If This Is A Blog Then What's Christmas?
ITIAPTWC Episode 24 – James Studholme