ITIAPTWC Episode 25 – Dave Dye Part 4

We now reach the AMV years, a time at which Dave and I worked in the same agency.

That time was part of a golden era for AMV, where incredible work seemed to flow from it much like yummy gin flows from a bottle of gin.

Unsurprisingly it was much harder than that.

It’s great to get Dave’s perspective as a new person coming into the agency and tackling some of the most iconic accounts in the country.

Among other things, we discuss…

What it was like for young teams in such a grown up agency.

Why self-generated kicks up the arse can be very useful.

And are those kicks still appreciated?

Are more D&AD Pencils a good thing?

The terrible misery of having to work on the Royal Academy in Soho House.

Judging the Economist work.

Changing the Economist work.

Making things look like a pint of Guinness.

The Volvo campaign that wasn’t a campaign.

Refreshing the RSPCA.

‘Crap at ideas?’.

Here’s the chat, the iTunes link, the Soundcloud link and lots of the work:


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ITIAPTWC Episode 25 - Dave Dye Part 4