ITIAPTWC Episode 41 – George Prest

Here’s my chat with George Prest, former ECD of DLKW, DLKW Lowe and RG/A.

He’s now a partner at You and Mr. Jones and a founder of Blood Global.

His journey from copywriter to those things is an interesting one, mainly because of the left turn his career took between Lowe and RG/A.

We discuss all that, along with the state of the industry now and what the future might hold, as well as…

Going from the information department at M&C Saatchi to Watford.

…and on to BBH.

Working on the stuff no one wants to work on.



‘Turbulent but creative.’

Le Sacrifice.

A new Lowe.


The dream job that wasn’t.


RG/A (& Unilever).

The need for a different kind of company.


No departments or job titles.

A different kind of pricing.

And a different kind of agency (that isn’t an agency).


George and Mr Jones.

We have no idea of what this is going to look like.

Driving a car at 100mph and ramming it into reverse.

A post-advertising age?

But still a creative age.

Here’s the chat, the iTunes link and the Soundcloud link, as well as some of George’s best ads:



If This Is A Blog Then What's Christmas?
If This Is A Blog Then What's Christmas?
ITIAPTWC Episode 41 – George Prest