Give a Crit for Christmas

Here’s a delightful guest post from Father Critmas:

People are always asking me, Father Critmas, how can I be more like you? How can I be the World’s Best Creative Director™. And I always tell them the same thing. “How dare you talk to me.”

When Ben Kay wanted me to write a guest blog post, initially I refused. But then he offered to give me a big bag full of money, and I said yes. It turns out, you can put a price on insights.
But Christmas isn’t about being greedy, it’s a time to give something back. That’s why for the second year I’m running my campaign, Merry Critmas. You’ve obviously heard of it, but I’ll elaborate because I’m charging by the word.
Merry Critmas is a collaborative, international campaign encouraging those working in the creatives industries to make a pledge in December to give a book crit. (A book crit is slang for portfolio critique, it means to review someone’s creative work and offer feedback).
For undiscovered talent trying to break into advertising, it’s the perfect gift. And for established creatives (like Mr. Kay) it’s a nice way of giving something back. Just half an hour can make a life changing difference.
My job in all this is to make the all-important matches; but let’s talk real for a moment.
Merry Critmas is about so much more than a bombastic asshole of a mascot.
It’s about mentoring, networking, guidance, and creating actual opportunities for people who wouldn’t otherwise have got them.
You know, as opposed to your agency putting on some navel-gazing conference and charging people to listen to some charlatan speaker. Who does that help? No one. It helps speakers pay their mortgages, but that’s about it.

If making Critmas Miracles sounds like something you’d like to be part of, please get involved over at
Meanwhile I can be found over on twitter dishing out sarcasm and verbal abuse in equal measure.
Together, let’s make this the best Critmas ever.
Thanks, FC.
I am indeed doing a crit. Why not head over to the MC site and sign up to do the same. It might offset all the Weinsteining you’ve been doing around the mistletoe.